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INContext 1(1)


Dear fellow researchers,

We are pleased to introduce our new journal, INContext: Studies in Translation and Interculturalism.

INContext is a unique international and interdisciplinary journal that encourages innovative research in language-related subjects, including but not limited to technical or literary translation and conference interpretation as well as intercultural issues. By linking translation and intercultural studies, the journal aims for “convergence” in a genuine sense across humanities and social sciences.

Published on November 30, 2021, the first issue of INContext features fresh insights from distinguished scholars in the fields of translation and intercultural studies, including Daniel Gile and Anthony Pym, two of the world’s most renowned scholars in translation and interpreting studies; Elisabet Tiselius, Europe’s leading scholar in interpreting studies; and Alastair J. Reid and Ardnt Graf, two very respected scholars in cultural studies.

We ask for your interest and support for the future of our newborn journal.


Editorial Board, INContext