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INContext 2(3)


Dear fellow researchers,

We are excited to celebrate the launch of the fourth issue of INContext: Studies in Translation and Interculturalism.

INContext is a unique international and interdisciplinary journal that promotes pioneering research on language-related themes. It represents a convergent approach to translation and interpreting (T&I) and cultural studies.

Published on November 30, 2022, INContext 2(3) proudly presents a special article on the international moves and linguistic rhetorics of Kazakhstan since the Russo-Ukrainian War as seen from the perspectives of a Kazakh professional diplomat and an American philologist.

Our T&I papers cover an interpreting training model that employs gender, power, and identity; specific pedagogy on interpreting quality based on the comparison of teacher and student assessments; and a corpus-based analysis of translated Arabic texts. The cultural papers also explore diverse and exciting topics, such as code mixing and new identities of returned migrant workers, nationalism in Indonesia sparked by the proliferation of “Batik” as a cultural symbol and relevant ideologies, and Uzbekistan’s language policy relating to the alphabet selection.

With our last issue for the year 2022, we wish you a happy end of the year. We will come back next year with more inspirations and thought-provoking ideas next year.


Editorial Board, INContext