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Volume 1, No. 1.
INContext: Studies in Translation and Interculturalism

We are very pleased to launch INContext as a unique interdisciplinary journal bringing together significant translation and intercultural studies research endeavors. As a forum where you can find quality research results, we encourage innovative research methods and approaches in language- and cultural studies-related subjects, including but not limited to technical and literary translation and conference interpretation as well as intercultural issues. Specifically, efforts to widen the scope of research, propose innovative research methodology, discuss whereabouts and prospects of different approaches, link translation studies with intercultural studies, and provide a macro perspective of issues we are already familiar with will be appreciated.

The inaugural issue, for example, is a clear reflection of our interests mentioned above: Daniel Gile introduces a new methodology by proposing a look at ‘personal socio-academic contributions’ in translation studies; Anthony Pym addresses the ‘nationalisms’ in translation studies; Elisabet Tiselius tackles an ‘overlooked part of ethical research’ in interpreting studies; Alastair J. Reid interprets British feminism and the anti-slavery movement from a trans-Atlantic viewpoint; and Steven D. Capener talks about Korean nationalism as an intercultural observation.

Each article will provide two abstracts: one in English as the lingua franca and one in the author’s native language (if the author’s native language is English, a Korean abstract is provided). We hope this helps promote language diversity as part of interculturalism and increase manuscript exposure to local readers.

Last but not least, we have the pleasure of having researchers with outstanding quality publication records on both the Editorial Board and the International Advisory Board. We will make every effort to ensure we offer the highest level of quality and author support. Any inspirational suggestions will be welcomed at INContext.

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